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max pleasure, zero guilt.


A delicious and wholesome snacking experience.

#indulge is a new savoury mix of premium high-fibre corn snacks, shaped and toasted to nibble-sized pieces.

Indulge Crunchy Combo
Indulge - Corn Combo-BBQ - Retail-ver 20

Offering a "free-from" snack that doesn't

hold back on taste

#indulge provides a nut-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly corn-based snack, with

no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Indulge Corn Chips
Indulge Corn Chips Bag

Our snacks come

in a range of

shapes and flavours

With plenty of appeal for most age groups, 

#indulge is all about maximum pleasure, zero guilt.

From Smokehouse Barbecue to Sizzling Spice, our snacks pair perfectly with a drink or just on it's own. 

Indulge - Corn Combo-Sizzling - Retail-v
Indulge Crunchy Corn Sticks-cheddar-Kamr

#indulge, the irresistible art of snacking

#indulge is produced  with simple recipes and wholesome ingredients of corn, sunflower oil and seasoning. 

Indulge Crunchy Corn Sticks in glass bow
Indulge - Corn Chips - Original - Retail

Flexible package sizes to suit every setting

Packaged from anywhere between 10g to 250g sizes, #indulge is sure to fit your needs

no matter the occasion.


Our Sharing Tubs are great to enjoy with friends

#indulge tubs of 150g & 200g are ideal serving at socials, pubs and celebrations. 

We also offer comprehensive

snack pack solutions

#indulge also comes as a
Snack Pack, with a customisable range of flavourful, exotic dips coupled with either our irresistible corn snacks or a selection of crackers.

Indulge Corn Chips with Salsa box
Indulge Corn Chips with Salsa

Flavours inspired from all over the globe

Indulge Corn Chips with Houmous Box

With a wide variety of dips on offer, from tasty traditional salsa to Middle Eastern houmous, we cater for all different taste-buds and palettes.

A convenient


snacking solution

Indulge Cheddar Crackers with Mango Chutney

Our #indulge dip & cracker snack boxes come in a range of pack sizes from 50g to 90g.


With a minimum shelf life of six months and ambient storage, #indulge snack packs are ideal serving solutions.

Nutritious and allergen-free

#indulge snack packs come with a range of dietary options including gluten-free, lactose-free, high protein and vegetarian.


We source our ingredients from carefully selected, reputable manufacturers across Europe to ensure that our products meet the high expectations of our customers.

Indulge Rice Crackers with Sweet Chilli

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We are Novel Foods

Novel Foods is an innovative family business with a love for great food. We have travelled throughout Europe to create a range of mouth-watering nibbles that will satisfy every palate.


For us, taste and quality go hand in hand. That’s why we work hard to deliver the most delicious ambient snack foods available to the travel, leisure and hospitality sectors.


Many great food ideas don’t come from minds of master chefs, but rather from enthusiastic foodies like us. We believe in keeping food fresh and simple, incorporating a vast array of herbs and vegetables.

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Novel Foods

Where Innovation & Quality Go Together

We have partnered with a number of European food manufacturers and food packers in the UK to deliver a range of premium, wholesome and innovative snack foods. All our products are certified to BRC and some are produced under HALAL or KOSHER protocols. Please enquire for further details.

We are here 

8 The Square

Stockley Park

Uxbridge  UB11 1FW

United Kingdom

Contact Info:

Phone: +44 208 144 1200


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